Thursday, September 12, 2013 - "Pathway to Quantitative Literacy in Social Sciences"

I found this website via the Resources for Instructors section of the ICPSR website. It has many useful resources and features that a research instructor would find very practical in lesson planning! Some of the features include:

  • Data In The News: useful for talking about ethical use of data, whether its represented correctly, etc.
  • Charts & Tables: visual aids to enhance learning (e.g., use of census data).
  • Lectures and Lessons: on a variety of topics.
  • Activities & Assignments: for use in class or out of class.
  • And lots more!
Even if you are not teaching a research methods course, this is a great way to integrate research into other class content, in order to help students better understand the link between research and practice.

Screen shot of their homepage.
So don't delay, check it out today!