Monday, June 30, 2014 - It's free, no catches or gimmicks

As a doc student who is doing her dissertation research from a distance, I often need to have meetings with folks, but don't think it's worthwhile to drive 3.5 hours each way for one meeting. Some of the people I need to talk with may not have access to a video chat service like Google Hangouts, so I needed a conference call line. But of course being a broke graduate student, I needed one for free. Enter:!

It's really free!
This is a pretty neat service that is offered for free to anyone, anywhere, anytime. When you register (it's really easy, just enter your e-mail and agree to the Terms of Service), you are assigned a unique meeting code and the phone number to dial in so that you actually could start a conference call in about 5 seconds from registration to dial-tone! I read through the Terms of Service, and it says that you retain the rights to the content in your call. That was one thing I thought might be important as a researcher who is gathering potentially sensitive data.

There are other features, too. You can record the call, you can set up a Q&A line (if you were hosting a larger call and had people on mute while listening to a single speaker), you can do lots of things!

Lots of cool things you can do as a host.
So, with this being said, I'm going to go and host my first conference call!