Monday, June 10, 2013

StudyDroid - Flashcards on your Android phone

Its about time I published a post about a smartphone app. I just so happen to be studying for comprehensive exams for my program. I have never been one to use flash cards, but I'm going to try it out for this exam. Anyway, I didn't want to bother with keeping up with a set of index cards, so I decided to try out an app for my Android phone. I looked at a few apps, namely StudyDroid, FREE Flashcards Helper, and AnkiDroid Flashcards.

I first tried AnkiDroid, but it would freeze on my phone. I liked its features, especially the way that it is responsive to what cards you need to study more or less. You can rate each card as you answer them, and decide whether you know that card, need to see it more, or less. It also has a desktop interface, so entering new cards seems relatively painless. The problem with the app, as I said above, is that it kept freezing on my phone (Android version 2.3.7), so I moved on.

I tried this app but it kept freezing on my phone.
I looked at the FREE Flashcards Helper, but it didn't have the same cool features, and the design seemed a bit too simple for what I wanted.

Then I tried StudyDroid. It works great on my phone, has a simple to use interface, but still has the kinds of features I was looking for.

StudyDroid - Screen shots
It has a browser based account, so you can create cards from your computer and sync them with your phone. Also, you can upload a CSV file (aka, an Excel file) to create your flashcards. This app also has the feature to mark whether or not you know a card. It doesn't have as many options as AnkiDroid, but still gives you the option to mark "known" so it puts that card at the back of the pile. You can also shuffle your cards, or turn them all over. I downloaded the free version, but might buy the paid version because it offers a quiz feature.

This is the app I decided to keep.
So, if you are studying for comprehensive exams, or just need an easy to use flashcards app, I suggest this one! If you are an iPhone user, sorry I can't offer any advice!


  1. Here's an iPad one from Evernote, called 'Peek'.

  2. Cool, thanks for sharing! You must've read my mind, because my next blog post is about Evernote :). It'll be posted in a few weeks!