Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - a wiki that doesn't disappear at the end of the semester
I can thank my adviser for introducing me to today's featured website. Wikispaces is a site that is free to use, and is designed mainly for educational use. You can make a wiki page (like a wikipedia entry) for any purpose, on any topic! Most people use it for classroom projects. The thing I like most about it (besides that its free) is that the wiki page doesn't disappear at the end of the semester like it would in Blackboard. You can add documents, links, and have multiple pages per wiki. Here's a good example of how a wikispaces page can be utilized in the classroom: . Like any "wiki," users can edit information, but there is a catch. You usually have to be a "member" of a wikispace page before you can edit it. I think that feature is optional, so you'd have to look into it for yourself if that was important for your project. Anyway, I think this is a neat site that will enhance a social work course on any topic!

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